Slow Drains?

Drain Cleaning

Drain lines do a dirty job. Parker’s Plumbing is there when you need a little extra help. Our plumbers know how to do more than just clean a drain!

All your drain cleaning needs for your Newnan & surrounding areas home:

  • Drains Cleaned!

    Plugged toilet, clogged lav.drains, slow kichen sink drains, shower drains.

  • Sewer & Drains Inspected

    Video inspection to see inside drain lines for problems.

  • Drain Lines Located

    Map out the depth & direction of your drains.

We clean & inspect your drainsEventually, oil and grease builds up to the point that it clogs your sewer or drain line. It accumulates from your garbage disposal, dishwashing, laundry washing, even soaps and shampoos. When regular maintenance on your drains fails, it is very important to choose the right company to clear the lines. Who else should you trust than the company that has been taking care of Newnan’s plumbing needs since 1998.
If you need your drains cleaned, call Parker’s Plumbing @770 251-5172 to schedule service or complete our online Service Request form.

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Have your drain and sewer lines inspected every year to make sure they are ready when you need them.

Sewer & Drain Cleaning

Protect your home from sewer and drain backups and flooding. Parker’s Plumbing uses the most technologically advanced sewer & drain cleaning equipment.

Hydro Jetting

High pressure jetting delivers the cleanest results, quickly, safely and without any disturbance to your home. It’s also safe for the environment.

Video Inspection

Our video line inspection cameras identify trouble areas up front. We can pinpoint locate the spot of repair so there is no unnecessary digging & expense to you!