PREVENT Water Damage

with Moen FLO

Protect you home from disaster

Flo by Moen Smart Water Shutoff Protect your entire home from water damage and leaks. Backed by years of product development, the Flo by Moen device detects and stops leaks. From your toilet, shower or faucet, to the pipes in your foundation and behind your walls, the device monitors all of them.

Remote + Auto Shut-Off

Once installed you can prevent damage directly from the Flo by Moen App, anywhere in the world. Not able to get to your phone? Our system is smart enough to automatically shut the water off and protect your home.

Daily Health Tests

The Smart Water Shutoff detects leaks as small as a drop per minute anywhere in your water system. This prevents problems like mold and helps you maintain a leak-free home.

24/7 Plumbing Monitoring

A burst pipe can happen anytime, but with a Flo by Moen, you’ll catch it. Since the device is not dependent on Wi-Fi to turn off your water, you’ll be protected whatever the conditions.

Smartphone Control

Manage alerts, see how much water you’re using, even remotely shut off the water manually, all from the app.

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Moen Flo

We will come out and do a site survey to determine the best location to install the Flo valve in your home. (Be aware that the unit will need an electrical outlet & WiFi connection in order to work properly.)